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Rearview Handlebar Glass Mirror

$ - inexpensive
When going on trails or downtown streets, these side mirrors can see what is coming up behind you.

The tall mirror that comes with the Triad didn't do a good job of seeing what is coming up behind for my husband. His own body got in the way. We have trails in our town where we take the scooter and bikers use the trails. It is wide enough for my husband and I to go side by side, but when a biker comes up, I need to get behind him. Bikes are quiet. He looked and looked and finally came up with this solution. The tall mirror might work for you if you are short, but it didn't work for him.

Triad with the Standard Mirror

He couoldn't see folks coming up behind him with the standard mirror.

The Triad Optional Side Mirror Setup

Works just like the side mirror on your car.

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