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Walking Stick

$ - won't break the bank
We found this walking stick in Gatlinburg, and my husband has used it many times. Looks slick too.

We had breakfast in downtown Gatlinburg, and we found this handmade walking stick in a little store that was closing. I wanted my husband to have something that he could lean on if we had to get into a place where the scooter couldn't go. My husband can also walk short distances so many times we left the scooter at the front of the restaurant and he walked to our seats. Even though he can walk short distances, he has balance problems. My husband says he doesn't mind falling down but he doesn't like falling down in front of people. He also doesn't want people to think that he is drunk when he isn't. He never wanted to use a cane, but this fit into the atmosphere of the town. He uses it back in New England now too. 

I searched on Amazon for something similar and found this. It comes in different heights so be sure to check out all the options.  Please let me know if you try it how you like it. Also, if you could comment on if you took something like this on an airplane, comment too. We just put ours in the car.

As always, please check with your doctor or health provider if something like this is right for you.

A scooter with a walking stick at a museum.

Works in close quarters too if you place it correctly.


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