Traveling with a Scooter

The best way to travel with your Triad Scooter is what works for you. In this section, we will post our experiences, but we also would like to hear from you. If you give us permission, we will post your experiences as well. Simply fill out the form. Or, if you have a question that you would like answered, we will try to find someone who can answer it.

On many travel forums, people are jaded. They say, talk to the airline, etc. It is important to talk to the airlines, but it is also important to read about first-hand experiences, especially if you are a newbie traveling with a mobility issue.

For example, we would love to try an airline or a cruise with our scooter. As of September 2017, we haven't, and we want to read about others who have already blazed the trail.

If you do submit a story, there are some things to think about.

  • What Triad scooter did you have?
  • Any clearance issues or pictures?
  • If applicable, where did you store the scooter?

Traveling with a Scooter

Articles on travel destinations, transportation, and best practices with a scooter.

Using the monorail and the ferry at Disney Bookmark

Using the monorail and the ferry at Disney

If you are new to a three-wheel scooter, it is really easy to use the ferry service. On and off with ramps that have little altitude is a breeze.

The monorail is fun with the three-wheel scooter, but going up and down the large ramps if you are new to using the multiple speeds might be intimidating. My husband mostly went up the ramps using speed setting two versus speed setting one.

Unfortunately, I lost the video of him going up and down the ramps, but I DO have the video of him getting on and off the monorail.

The best thing to do is to ask the conductor which way you exit from the monorail. It varies whether you are going to a hotel versus the transporation area or Epcot. For the monorail that we used, we got off the same way we got on. My husband went backwards down the ramp once, but he leaned backwards and felt the scooter tilt backward. (If you do have to go down backwards, remember to lean forward!)

Rather than doing that again, he opted to turn around in the monorail. That worked much better.


Traveling to Disney World with a Scooter Bookmark

Traveling to Disney World with a Scooter

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We actually went to Disney World in January and stayed at the Marriott Sabal Palms, right behind the World Center Marriott. This was the first time we traveled to Disney with the Triad 3-wheeled scooter, and my husband couldn't have been a happier camper.

The Good Parts of Using a Triad Scooter at Disney:

  • People didn't walk in front of him. The scooter is higher so people could see him.
  • We knew the scooter would work.
  • We were prepared. We drove down from MA (in a snowstorm) with our AWD Toyota Sienna outfitted with a Bruno Joey lift that we had installed by Mobility Works in NH. 
  • It only takes two minutes to load or unload the scooter. 
  • It was eye candy. I couldn't count the number of "cools" by both adults and kids when they saw it.
  • The battery lasted and lasted and lasted. No problem going 14 miles at Epcot!
  • We were able to take it on both the monorail and the ferry. (We have a great video on the proper way to go into and out of the monorail with the Triad scooter. You can actually turn around so you don't have to go backwards.)

The Bad Parts of Using a Triad Scooter at Disney

  • Hubby forgot to charge it one night so the light went to yellow one day at Epcot as we were leaving.

Triad Scooter in a Disney Monorail Car