Traveling with a Scooter

The best way to travel with your Triad Scooter is what works for you. In this section, we will post our experiences, but we also would like to hear from you. If you give us permission, we will post your experiences as well. Simply fill out the form. Or, if you have a question that you would like answered, we will try to find someone who can answer it.

On many travel forums, people are jaded. They say, talk to the airline, etc. It is important to talk to the airlines, but it is also important to read about first-hand experiences, especially if you are a newbie traveling with a mobility issue.

For example, we would love to try an airline or a cruise with our scooter. As of September 2017, we haven't, and we want to read about others who have already blazed the trail.

If you do submit a story, there are some things to think about.

  • What Triad scooter did you have?
  • Any clearance issues or pictures?
  • If applicable, where did you store the scooter?

Traveling with a Scooter

Articles on travel destinations, transportation, and best practices with a scooter.

Historic Charleston South Carolina with a Triad Scooter Bookmark

Historic Charleston South Carolina with a Triad Scooter

Traveling to historic Charleston, SC with a Triad scooter was absolutely doable. For those of you who don't know, Charleston has very strict preservation laws that apply to the historic district. If it is older than 75 years, then it can't be torn down, and that even goes for trees! There are many free standing brick walls that will remain there, for example. Many restaurants don't have the normal handicapped accessible doors that new restaurants have, simply because many of the buildings are hundreds of years old. Historic Charleston has managed to add curb cuts though, even to cobblestoned streets.

The Triad has a large front tire and fat back tires so the cobblestones could be navigated. The Triad also has suspension in the front wheels but not the back wheels. For the type of traveling we do, my husband would pay for an upgraded model with rear suspension.

We had brunch at Magnolias. They had to actually set up a ramp for us over steps. The incline was steep so we walked the scooter up the ramp and then my husband went up the steps. They were so nice though, and the meal was SO fantastic, that we would happily do this again. They stored the scooter in a room for us while we ate. Make sure you get the fried green tomatoes! They were so good!

Fried Green Tomatoes

white cheddar grits, country ham, caramelized onion chutney, tomato butter

Everything we had there was good. My husband had 


asparagus, mushrooms, white cheddar cheese, red wine jus

The mimosas were first rate as well.

Here is the view of the alley where they put out the ramp:

The alley filled with brick and cobblestones next to Magnolias

We traveled to Waterfront Park with no troubles:

The scooter in front of the pineapple fountain

And rode a carriage ride with Palmetto Carriage rides. If you have a scooter, use them. They have a ramp in their "big red barn" that you can ride up. They also hold your scooter for you and will bring it back when the ride is done. Even better, they have a place to sit with big fans while you are waiting! Plus restrooms!

Palmetto Carriage Ride ramp to loading area

We also ate at Coast. While not apparent, one of their doors does have little clearance and you can get in with a scooter. My husband and I each had the steak, salmon, and scallops wrapped in bacon dish. It was very good. We had their fried green tomatoes but they didn't hold a candle to Magnolia's fried green tomatoes! Magnolias were far better. I had a dark and stormy at Coast, now that was good.

Gatlinburg Mobility Tips Bookmark

Gatlinburg Mobility Tips

I tried to find everything I could before we went to Gatlinburg about what was and what wasn't scooter friendly.

My husband can walk short distances, and he did use his walking stick in restaurants, although he could have driven to the table in many of them as well.

Here is a quick list of resources. I'm going to be posting more in-depth posts on the area as well:

HIKING RESOURCES: (what works for strollers often works for scooters.)




Gatlinburg Town Square with a Scooter Bookmark

Gatlinburg Town Square with a Scooter
Gatlinburg was going to be the first long stay vacation with our new scooter. I wanted the place to be perfect for my husband so he would travel more. I went to Trip Advisor and read everything I could on the resort, including any mobility info I could find on the Gatlinburg area in the forums.
The Triad 750 CSX, which we just received the week before we left, is 45 inches long and 29 inches wide. It fit in the elevator, climbed the hill from the Parkway (a business and attraction strip in downtown Gatlinburg) to the Town Square just fine, fit in the kitchen, and we LOVED the covered parking so it made it easy to bring the scooter in and out of the car no matter what the weather. (As a temporary measure, we used two pet ramps to get the scooter in and out. The scooter weighs 77 lbs. without the seat. We kept the seat on, but he walked the scooter up the pet ramps into the car with the steering column folded but power still getting it up the ramps.)
Scooter entering the elevator
Because of the scooter, we could easily get a room far from the elevator. The parking garage elevator went to any floor.
The hotel was perfect. We had a two-bedroom suite just for my husband and me. (My mother was supposed to come but didn't. We would have had to put the Thule on top to fit the luggage with her in the car and the scooter.) We were on the third floor Creekside. Views from the private balcony were gorgeous.
How you view the hotel may depend on what size room you get. I had first reserved a studio, but then mom was going to come. I'm glad that we got the larger room. A one bedroom would have been just fine, but for a week's stay, the studio would have been too small for us.
A scooter fits in the kitchen
Hubby could just drive right in and park.
View of woods from balcony
Our view from the balcony was great.

We were at the resort during a VERY busy sold out weekend and a much less full weekday period. We come from the Boston area, so small parking garages aren't new to us. We were able to get a spot at all times for us to unload the scooter--but not handicapped spots. But with the scooter, we didn't need a handicapped spot. In fact, we never parked in a handicapped spot. My husband could just buzz through the garage and over to the elevator. Without that, I would have had to drop him off and then found parking. We also would have to have asked for a room by the elevator. With the scooter, we were WAY back into the woods, which was just great.
Scooter navigating the parking garage
No problem navigating the parking garage.
We also went to the outdoor pool and hubby parked his scooter and relaxed. The pool was small but fine for us. There was one hot tub, but it was occupied when we went to the pool.
We spent a lot of our time in the Smoky Mountains--tooling around Newfound Gap, Clingman's Dome, and the Sugarlands Visitor Center--plus visiting Biltmore Estates, taking a Smoky Mountain Carolina Shine Train ride, seeing the Titanic Museum, cruising the strip, etc. The location of the Gatlinburg Town Square was perfect for this. We also purchased a Gatlinburg-made walking stick for hubby to use (he won't use a cane, but this stick is super sexy.)
We didn't drive in our car to the strip, we walked to the strip. This is where the scooter really shone. With the CSX disk brakes, it made it down and up the grade just fine. We could also just drive the scooter out by the game area to the street and didn't have to go through the parking garage.
Use Google Maps to get around any traffic while you are in Gatlinburg. There are back ways to get to the hotel. We arrived Friday evening, but had no traffic because we went through I40 Asheville to Cosby versus going through Pigeon Forge. (We had to make Google Maps do this for us, but it was SO worth it. Stress free driving! My husband would have hated the entire vacation if he was always stuck in traffic.)
I will always remember Gatlinburg. We had a great time, and it forced us to find mobility solutions that will work for years to come.
(For the record, we are Marriott owners and traded through Interval International for our room. I had purchased the retrade option too, which worked out for us in the long run. We much preferred the larger unit.)

Things we had NO problem with that others had written about: WIFI was great, hot water was great, mattress/bed was awesome, pool water was warm, we heard no noise from the other rooms. They don't have the ice makers hooked up, but they deliver full bags of ice to your room. LOVED the ice!

Things I would have personally changed: lighting. The lighting was adequate in the one-bedroom side where we stayed, but the bulbs were the yellow type bulbs. I also didn't like the fluorescent in the kitchen, but hubby liked it. In the studio section of our suite, the fan/light was wobbly if you had it at a high speed, but we didn't even use the studio side. The studio side only had one small window too so you would notice poor lighting more. Lighting is one of those funny things. If it is good, you don't notice it, but if it isn't what you like, you do notice it fast.

I gave it four stars instead of five because it isn't Marriott timeshare quality, lighting, and some of the layout is funky, but it is PERFECT for Gatlinburg! I would definitely stay there again.