We haven't updated this in years, but we just attended the Hereditary Spastic Parapelegia conference and want to quickly put down some thoughts.

If you are getting a Triad scooter, make sure you get the following:

  • Front-wheel drive (more stable!)
  • Knobby tire (more traction!)
  • Fold down seat as an add on (can fit more places when the steering column folds down too, and more comfortable!)
  • Steel plate on floor (more sturdy!)
Triad 750 on the Oceanside
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Triad Scooter by the Ocean
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Triad Scooter in the Woods
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Things to Know about the Triad Scooters

Chris on the Triad 750XL Scooter

Our Backstory

Why we purchased the Triad and the immediate results.

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Our "To Do" List

What we need to do to improve how the Triad works in our lives.

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Triad Motion Official Site

Official Triad Resources

One Sexy Scooter is not affiliated in any way with Triad Motion or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. For official information on Triad:

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Travel Collage of Scooter Pictures


Travel can be going to work, going to the doctors, going to school, going to the store, or going on a vacation of a lifetime. One of the main reasons we purchased the Triad when we did was to go on a vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. It was the catalyst for us to do research on lots of options. The Triad was the first scooter that my husband didn't say "no" to immediately. This section talks about how to transport the scooter (we are still learning) and what places make it easier for people on scooters.

We would like to get very detailed accounts of people going on airplanes, cruises, and to specific destinations. For new riders and even experienced ones, this information can calm nerves and make trips more pleasant.  View More