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The Bruno Joey Lift in a Toyota

Originally posted on December 31, 2017


We'll have other posts on our search for a lift for the Triad 750 CSX. We looked at Harmar and the Armstrong lifts. Both of these companies have great solutions that we will go into later.

The Conversion that We Saw in the Abilities Expo Parking Lot that Swayed My Husband

After a lot of searching, my husband chose the Bruno Joey lift because we live in New England, he needed an inside the car solution, and he wanted something that he could just drive on or wheel on. We went to the Boston Abilities Expo and saw complete conversion vans, which don't allow for AWD. But in the parking lot, we saw an older model Bruno lift. The owner of the lift had a van and we were able to put the Triad on the lift with a little manuevering. We took pictures lots of pictures because if we purchased one, we wanted to make sure it would fit.

Triad 750 CSX Front Tire on a Bruno Joey Lift

Side View of the Triad 750 CSX on an older Bruno Joey Lift

Back Tires of the Triad 750 CSX on an older Bruno Joey Lift


Our Conversion with a New 2017 Toyota Sienna AWD Van

We now knew what type of lift we wanted, but we needed a car that could accommodate it. We decided on purchasing a 2017 Toyota Sienna. With a new purchase, we would get $1,000 back on a lift and installation direct from Toyota, which we definitely were going to need. We'll have another post on the complete ins and outs of this decision.

It seems that Bruno has changed how the Bruno Joey works compared to the one we saw in the parking lot of the Boston Abilities Expo. The lift just comes straight out and straight down, and the platform is slightly smaller. We met the Mobility Works folks at the Expo and talked to their NH office. Aaron Morse was assigned to work with us and our unorthodox mobility scooter. He thought it could work, even with the new design.

Chris Prouty and Aaron Morse in front of a completed lift for the Triad 750 CSX

We made a complete video so you can see how it operates.