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Everything about mobility, traveling, fixing, and using the One Sexy Scooter and its companion products that make the list. Plus background material on how being handicapped or having a disability may change how you do something, but it doesn't stop you from doing it.

List on a clipboard

Originally published August 28th, 2017. We accomplished a lot on the list since then!


The list may change, but this is what we are learning about now.

  • We need a new vehicle and lift system for the Triad CSX. This is what we are doing on a temporary basis. Pet ramps. We chose this because we can donate to an animal shelter when we are done. (2023 Update: We use a lift now, and the pet ramps are in our garage in case of emergency.)
  • We need to break the bringing the Triad CSX on an airplane barrier. (2023 update: Not done yet!)
  • We need to figure out how to take the Triad CSX on a cruise ship. (2023 update: Not done yet!)
  • We need to figure out the best way to use the Triad on a buffet line. (2023 update: Still working on this.)
  • We need to find the ultimate seat. (2023 update: Triad now has a GREAT foldable seat. If you purchase one, purchase that one.)
  • We would like to explore other accessories to up the "cool factor" of the scooter. (2023 update: Have a few must haves, including a key holder and a cup holder that both work while the scooter is folded.)

Feel free to chime in with any suggestions!

Chris on his scooter looking rugged

This was originally published on August 26, 2017. We have come a long way since then. Everything was still brand new in regards to navigating the physical limitations and having fun doing it. (We still have fun, but we are much more knowledgeable!) 


My husband has hereditary spastic paraplegia or HSP for short. Hereditary spastic paraplegia is a general term for a group of rare inherited disorders that cause weakness and stiffness in the leg muscles. Symptoms gradually get worse over time. My husband has never been officially diagnosed, although 2 of his 10 uncles had the disease. He started getting it in his early 30's. Even though he doesn't look it with his pictures plastered all over the website, he is now 54. I jokingly tell him that he is Dorian Gray without the evilness, but there has to be some picture aging somewhere when he isn't!

We just purchased a Triad 750 CSX in May, and it has made such a difference in our lives that I wanted the world to know about it. I have been a web Product Manager for many years so building a website seemed to make the most sense. I told my husband he could be the model spokesperson for the scooter, and he has taken that responsibility seriously. When asked about the name choices for the website, he said, "I don't know. You are the computer genius. I just have to keep putting on the men facial products so I can look 34 instead of 54." However, he still has room for improvement in the spokesmodel department. I tell him that he has to smile more because every picture can't just be the "strong, silent, sexy" type look.

The website is an experiment, and I'm sure it will change over time, but we would love to hear about others experiences with scooters and other devices. Right now, I've chosen Disqus for comments so you will have to make an account to join in. Although, you can always contact us via the form to give us input as well.

Thanks for visiting and spending time with us.