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Everything about mobility, traveling, fixing, and using the One Sexy Scooter and its companion products that make the list. Plus background material on how being handicapped or having a disability may change how you do something, but it doesn't stop you from doing it.

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2017 "To Do" List

Originally published August 28th, 2017. We accomplished a lot on the list since then!


The list may change, but this is what we are learning about now.

  • We need a new vehicle and lift system for the Triad CSX. This is what we are doing on a temporary basis. Pet ramps. We chose this because we can donate to an animal shelter when we are done. (2023 Update: We use a lift now, and the pet ramps are in our garage in case of emergency.)
  • We need to break the bringing the Triad CSX on an airplane barrier. (2023 update: Not done yet!)
  • We need to figure out how to take the Triad CSX on a cruise ship. (2023 update: Not done yet!)
  • We need to figure out the best way to use the Triad on a buffet line. (2023 update: Still working on this.)
  • We need to find the ultimate seat. (2023 update: Triad now has a GREAT foldable seat. If you purchase one, purchase that one.)
  • We would like to explore other accessories to up the "cool factor" of the scooter. (2023 update: Have a few must haves, including a key holder and a cup holder that both work while the scooter is folded.)

Feel free to chime in with any suggestions!

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