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Scooter waiting for the Disney Monorail
Using the monorail and the ferry at Disney

Originally posted April 18, 2018

If you are new to a three-wheel scooter, it is really easy to use the ferry service. On and off with ramps that have little altitude is a breeze.

The monorail is fun with the three-wheel scooter, but going up and down the large ramps if you are new to using the multiple speeds might be intimidating. My husband mostly went up the ramps using speed setting two versus speed setting one.

Unfortunately, I lost the video of him going up and down the ramps, but I DO have the video of him getting on and off the monorail.

The best thing to do is to ask the conductor which way you exit from the monorail. It varies whether you are going to a hotel versus the transporation area or Epcot. For the monorail that we used, we got off the same way we got on. My husband went backwards down the ramp once, but he leaned backwards and felt the scooter tilt backward. (If you do have to go down backwards, remember to lean forward!)

Rather than doing that again, he opted to turn around in the monorail. That worked much better.

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