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Mobility Works Booth
Review of the Abilities Expo in Boston

Originally published September 22, 2017

I should have written this post first thing after we got back last week, but things have been busy around here.

This was our first time going to an Abilities Expo. We went for two days. It was held at the Boston Convention Center. Besides the fact that Google Maps had us going totally AROUND the convention center, and I should have printed out the paper registration papter in order to get in, things went smoothly. We learned a lot. 

Toyota was there and they showcased different ramps with their Sienna's. Since ramps that come out from the van take up any space that could be used by AWD, those ramps were not of interest to us.  (See this post for reference on New England winters.)

A VMI Northstar Ramp in a Sienna

Braunability Ramp for the Sienna

I didn't get a pic of the ramps for the Pacifica by Braunability, but if I remember correctly, that one was the widest of the three we tried.

We did find one other scooter that could be put in the category of "sexy scooter." It was from a company in Israel. Weight limit was 220, the grade that it could climb was nowhere near what the Triad 750 CSX could climb, but it certainly was portable. And for a scooter with no height, it had design appeal. It was called Atto by Moving Life. Hubby took it for a spin.

atto by Moving Life Front Vew

atto by Moving Life side view

The upshot for us around looking at vehicles, etc. is that we decided that we wouldn't get a ramp, we would get a lift. There were two vendors there, Mobility Works and a Bruno Lift dealer that was at the Braunability booth. We have done research on trucks and cars since then, and we "may" have a plan. We'll let you know later on this weekend.


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